Name - IPL (India Pale Lager)
Availability - Taproom

Style - BeerStyle

  • color - 6 SRM - pale / moderate / dark

  • bitterness - 50 IBU - low / moderate / high

  • alcohol - 6.0% ABV - low / moderate / high

Glassware & Serving

  • Willi Becher

  • 16 oz

  • 40-45 F

IPA, it’s quite amazing how those three letters have developed such deep meaning for beer drinkers over the past 0 years. Many variations exist, but the core of the style retains a laser focus on hop flavors and aromas. India Pale Lager is relatively new phenomenon and for us represents our interest in exploring the impact of lager fermentation on the flavors of newer hop varieties. This is an experiment we plan to repeat with unique combinations surfacing as conditions allow. We hope that you enjoy joining us on this journey.


  • Color: Light Golden Tan

  • Foam: White

  • Clarity: Medium Haze

Flavor & Aroma

  • Malt: Smooth, nutty backbone to hop bitterness

  • Hop: Definite bitterness present with flavors and aromas that vary with each batch

  • Alcohol: Slight warmth


  • Body: Medium

  • Carbonation: Medium

  • Finish: Medium