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Flagship Beer - Available year round

Chicago Common

Chestnut red with rich toasted malt, a hint of spicy rye, and medium-full body balanced with pine and earthy hop aromas. A slight alcohol warming and balanced finish.

Prohibition Pilsner

Refreshing pale lager with a cracker like malt, a touch of corn, and firm bitterness providing a uniquely crisp finish.

Baltic Porter

Opaque brown with a deep tan head and an almost cream-like body. Complex fig, raisin, and dark chocolate notes become increasingly evident as the balancing alcohol volatizes from the warmth of a cradling hand.


Deep copper color hints at the rich malty flavors to come. But don't be fooled, a firm bitterness lies in the wait to create a dry balanced finish that begs another sip.


Dark mahogany supports a cream like foam that may suggest espresso until that first sip, when waves of rich malt caress the palette, offset by just enough hop bitterness to avoid an overly sweet finish.